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25 April 2007 @ 05:31 pm
Round 2 Winners  
Sorry this is late! Things have gotten a little hectic lately.


Caged Prettiness
(Best Cropping)

by nuttaxbutta 

Turk Flu
(Best Colouring)

by grudepuff 

Tattoo? What Tattoo?
(Best Use of Text)

by naybob 

Dead Man Walking
(Best Emotional/Expressive Icon)

by tardisdoll    

I Love You, Have I Ever Said That?
(Best 'Ship Icon)

by meganlynn09 

Black Powder
(Best Black & White)

by meganlynn09 

Sheriff Got Your Tongue?
(Best Textless)

by meganlynn09 

I Have A Plan
(Best Animated Icon)

by meganlynn09

I'm Not Being Funny, But...
(Most Humourous)

by princesskirsty  


Him/Her I Like
(Best Individual Character)

by tune 

Never Forget the Outlaws
(Best Outlaws Icon)

by kat641 

Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all for participating!