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rh_awards's Journal

Robin Hood Awards
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rh_awards is an awards community for the 2006 BBC version of Robin Hood. We are here to shed some light and give some credit to the talented icon makers in the fandom.

The community was founded on 1/26/07 by tune and naybob who also happen to be your friendly mods. :)


The category names come from either episode titles or quotes found within the episodes. They are as follows:

Caged Prettiness
Best Cropping.

Turk Flu
Best use of color.

Tattoo? What Tattoo?
Best use of text.

Dead Man Walking
Expressive/emotional icons.

I Love You, Have I Ever Said That?
Icons featuring couples or ships.

Black Powder
Black and white icons.

Sheriff Got Your Tongue?
Icons without text.

I Have A Plan
Animated icons.

I'm Not Being Funny, But...
Humourous icons.

Never Forget the Outlaws
Icons featuring 3 or more members of Robin's gang of friendly outlaws (Will, Djaq, Little John, Allan, Much, and Robin himself).

Him/Her, I Like
Icon featuring just one character.

Special Category
The mods will be selecting a special category for each round up that you will be able to nominate icons for.

Everything Is A Choice
Best overall icon.
(Nominators will pick one icon out of all their nominations for this category.)


! Each competition lasts for three weeks. Nominations are opened Sunday and will remain open until 10 p.m. (EST) on Saturday of the following week. On Sunday, we'll round up the nominations and put them to a vote. You have until the next Saturday at 10. p.m. (EST) to vote, giving members a little under a week to cast their votes. Winners are announced Sunday along with a post accepting nominations for the next round.

! All nominated icons must be Robin Hood related and fit LJ requirements.

! You may nominate a maximum of three icons per category. (Excepting the best overall category, in which you may only nominate one icon.)

! You may nominate up to three of your own icons, but for every icon of your own that you nominate, you must nominate two that were not made by you.

! You may not vote for your own icon(s). If you do vote for your own icon, it will be disqualified from that round.

! Do not put your nominations under an lj-cut.

! You must specify the creator of the icons that you nominate.

! An icon may only be nominated in three categories max during a competition.

! Once an icon wins in any category, it will be removed from all future competitions.

! You are allowed to re-nominate icons, provided that they have not won in any category during any round.

! An n/a option will be provided in each category when voting so that if you do not think any icon is deserving of the award or simply cannot decide on which to vote, etc., you may select this option.

For more information, please read the FAQ.